Wedding Videographer in Italy

Darren & Stephanie

What an amazing video – we couldn’t be happier!Thank you so much for capturing our special day and presenting it in such a professional and unique way. We are thrilled!
You were incredible and we couldn’t have wished for a better person to join us on our wedding day

Deyvehn & Courtnay

Thank you for your truly outstanding work! Before our wedding we debated whether or not we needed a videographer. Considering how many times I’ve watched our wedding highlights video since September, it was clear that we did! Your ability to capture the fun, excitement and love that filled our wedding day was truly remarkable.

And we’re not the only ones absolutelymarveled by your work. All of our friends and family – those that attended our wedding and those that did not – have raved about how impressive and special our video is. I thought our wedding video would be something we would look at once and never really look at again.

But I can honestly say that our video will be our most cherished possession, because it will forever capture how magical that day was for us. And that is something that is truly priceless!

Dan & Michi

Katia and Marco are absolutely amazing! We got our wedding trailer just days after the wedding and it’s absolutely beautiful. They are extremely professional and very creative, they understood our vision and filmed our video in a documentary style that was very natural, not at all intrusive on the wedding day. I can’t think them enough…all of our friends have said the video is stunning…I can’t wait for the full feature! Thanks again Katia and Marco!

Michael & Judith

Thank you!! We have only seen the teaser of our wedding day and we can tell it is very high quality, and everybody loved it! We didn’t want to wait to see the wedding film to write a well deserved review.
Let alone how kind they are, they are extremelly talented and professional, and I would recommend their services without hesitation.
The day has been very long (from early in the morning until very late at night) and they were there with us at all times with a smile on their face, to make sure they deliver a top job
Thank you guys!!

Mattew & Fiona

Dear Katia, Fiona and I cannot thank you enough for your magnificent work on our wedding day. We were so taken aback and overwhelmed by the artistry and beauty of your work. The videos you produced were far beyond our expectations and we feel so lucky to have had you and your team to capture our wedding. 

Many many thanks, Matt & Fiona

Jonathan & Serena

Prior to our wedding, having a video of our wedding day wasn’t on our priority list; we now hold the most precious memories in a heartfelt and amazing video that we can watch again and again. We are so glad we decided to have you guys to do this for us and we’ll never thank you enough for your passion and hard work. The whole experience was excellent, starting from Serena’s dress fittings footage and our pre-wedding moments as a couple all the way through to our big day.

Thank you so much again, highly recommended.

Jonathan and Serena

Diego & Isabella

Il lavoro di Katia è indescrivibile. Mi occupo di danza e sotto il punto di vista musicale l’aderenza del suo montato con la musica è la cosa più incredibilmente affascinante! In poco più di 20 minuti ha riassunto la nostra giornata più bella e il tutto vola con la leggerezza di qualcosa di ben fatto e assolutamente autentico. La risceglierei 1000 volte e la stra-consiglio a chi non desiderasse nessun tipo di ingombro nell’ansia della giornata e sopratutto dei preparativi (non l’ho mai sentita mentre ci seguiva) e ambisse a un video memorabile!!!